Mobile Storage FAQs

Published on 3/20/2022

When renting a portable storage unit there are specific question  you will want to ask to ensure you are getting what you want and there are no hidden fee’s.

Is there a delivery fee?
-This is important as the cost of delivery could make it more expensive that another company.       

How is the container billed?
-  Some companies bill on the first of each month. Other companies bill on a 28 day cycle. Although they both sound the same the 28 day billing cycle adds one month of additional rent for every year or 2 weeks for every six months it is rented.

Do I have to rent the cube for a minimum amount of time?
  - Some companies require the portable storage unit to be rented for a minimum amount of months. This can vary from as little as 3 months to as much as a year. Other companies you simply rent for the time it is needed.

 Can I rent additional containers if I find out I need more space than the container initially rented?
- We all know it is hard to estimate what size or how many containers you will need. Getting the answer to this question can prevent a headache further down the road.
What type of payment do they accept?
- This can vary company to company. You will want to find out how the billing is set up.
 Do I need to be home when you drop off the storage container?
- A lot of companies require you be present when the container is delivered. However, some recognize that you have a busy life and do not require you to be present when the container is delivered.