Mobile Storage Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a delivery fee?
    Yes, there is a one time delivery fee. However, one time pick up is free.

  2. How is the storage unit billed?
    We bill on the monthly anniversary of the day you rented the container. For example, if you rented the container on March 5th, then your next invoice would be paid on April 5th.

  3. Do I have to rent the cube for a minimum amount of time?
    No, you only rent it for the time you need it. You tell us when you want the unit delivered and when you are done with the unit you call us and we will come pick it up.

  4. Can I rent additional containers if I find out I need more space that the container initially rented?
    Yes. If after your first container you decide you need another one just simply call and tell us when you would like the additional unit delivered.

  5. What type of payment do you accept?
    We accept credit and debit card. For your convenience, your card will be automatically billed each month on the anniversary date

  6. Do I have to be home for the container to be delivered?
    No. When we call you to set up the delivery time you can simply describe where you would like the cube placed